Monday, November 9, 2009

Ally and Bobby

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted but a lot has been going on!
Here are the two newest pets in our family. Let me explain. About 2 months ago Kent and I decided that it was time to let Go Motor's go so to speak and as of October 1st Kent joined the ranks of unemployed. To say the least it was a bit stressful. Kent told the girls that when he got a new job they could get fish. So here are the two newest members of the Phippen clan. Claire named her fish Bobby and Emma named hers Ally. Don't ask me why but they are good names and I am so happy that Kent found a job.
His new job is with Ragnar events. They are the guys that organize and put on the Wasatch Back relay race every summer. This is an amazing road race that requires teams of 12 runners to run different legs of a 200 mile course from Logan to Park City. They start on a Friday morning, run through the night and end on Saturday. It is a crazy experience but one people tend to do over and over again because they have such a great time!
Kent will now officially be in charge of their Washington D.C. race that is held every September. It does require some traveling and since we have never had a job that requires that I am a bit nervous. We feel like this is such a blessing in this economy and time of our lives that we will be helped along the way. He started today and like I said before we are sooooo excited for him to be part of such a great company and experience. Thanks Ragnar!!!!

Besides that the boys are now 7months old, Claire started at Shriner's hospital, and Emma now can officially hit 5 balls over the net both forehand and back hand. Let alone Halloween. Hannah made the M & M costumes. She had no pattern and had to make something that Claire could wear to hippotherapy. I had no idea that she was so AMAZING at sewing and I want to thank her once again for making my kids so happy. Especially Claire. Her "lellow n&M" costume was perfect!!!!