Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need Help!

Before you get worried we are all just fine in our house! All is well and by some miracle we are all healthy.

I need blog lands help though. I want to teach my harp students this year about classical composers. Not just famous harpists but really open their eyes to a bit of the amazing classical world. I want to somehow help them be well rounded musicians not just well rounded harpists (if there is such a thing!)

So I am trying to come up with a list of AMAZING classical composers that we can learn about. I am thinking one a month (at group lessons) then possibly having a little quiz the next month or something like that.

There are so many composers that I love and want to share with them but the ages of my students range from 3-18. I want to somehow keep it light and memorable. Does anyone have suggestions?

I know the greats like Beethoven, Mozart and Bach but what others do you like?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids say the craziest things...

Claire has been so funny lately I can't help but write a few of her "moments" down.

So the other day she was telling me that tomorrow she would be going away to college. She was very adamant that this was going to happen and even packed a box with all the things she would need. Her pillow pet, her doll, some dishes from a tea set, her blanket and some clothes. She was then getting ready to go to bed and I told her I would miss her a lot while she was away and she told me "mom. I just received a text from my dear friend who told me that we are not going to college tomorrow. So I will be staying home!" It had me laughing so hard I couldn't say good night to her. Thank goodness she is not even going to preschool yet. I would miss her terribly!

She has also been watching a lot of this bear movie and they always ask the viewer "what do you like to practice every day?" and Claire's answer is, "Harp." Yep. Claire started harp lessons two weeks ago and has been such a joy to practice with. Whether or not it will last when the newness has worn off I don't know. I am just riding the good wave with this one.:)

Then today she had to get two shots. After the deed was done she told me with tears coming down her cheeks, "mom. Dad is going to hear it today. Shots are NOT fun and I am not having a good day!" Seriously. Where does she get these lines?!

I think the best news and biggest step for us is that this past week was her last speech therapy. Yes. She has officially caught up to her age group and our therapist told us she didn't need to come anymore. We are sad to see Jean go since she has been such a HUGE part of our lives but thrilled that we made it to this point. AMAZING!

Hope you have a great week! We are.:)