Monday, August 23, 2010

Emma is in the system

Today Emma started Kindergarten. It is a big day for us as she is our first in the school system.

It was fun to see her pick out her clothes, tell me how her hair was to be done decide how to wear her backpack and realize the none of it would be what I would pick. She is our oldest and therefore we have had to learn through her how to parent. She has taught me over and over again that she has her own personality and her way of doing things and they don't coincide with mine most of the time.

With that said I was 100% proud of her this morning. She just stood in line waiting for her class to walk in and get going. Kent and I stood on the sidelines watching her with complete awe. We said good bye and she waved, blew me a kiss and walked away. Kent told me to run up and give her one last hug since in that moment we both realized that she is not a baby or toddler anymore. She is a grown little person who is now in the system. Ready to make friends, learn fun and hard lessons and a little bit out in the world now. Congratulations Emma! Good luck for a great year!

Sumer Catchup

Where did summer go? I can't believe it has come and gone and I didn't really post anything about it.

Here is a quick catchup.
We went to Jackson Hole and spent the best few days at my Aunt's house. Their hospitality was so kind and the weather and animals we saw were AMAZING. The kids had a great time and the girls most favorite thing was having a sleepover together and being able to watch TV while eating breakfast in bed. Thanks so much Hokes! It was such a great trip!

4th of July was great. Kent and Ragnar were in the Kaysville parade which was so long and hot. Claire and Kent sat on the semi and had fun tossing candy. Emma bailed once she saw me and the boys on the side. She wanted to get the candy not give it.:)
We also had harp camp in July. It was such a great week and so much fun to see how much Emma grew in just one week. Thanks to my brother Pete we were able to get great press coverage. The link from the Deseret News was especially fun since it gives those of you not familiar with harp camp an idea of what it was. A lot of work but seriously such a great week!

The Watkins Family weekend. This year we did a "staycation" in Kaysville with track and field events at G & G Simmons house. It was so much fun to see the kids race against each other. My favorite moment was when Claire was struggling to finish the lap around the arena all the cousins and family starting to cheer her on. I about started to cry and was reminded once again how much our life is cheered on by our family and friends!

We had a lot of fun this summer and I can't believe it is over. Sad but so much fun! Here is onto the school year. Our first!:)