Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I had the best time in So Cal with my cousins this past weekend. I never thought that the Ragnar race would be as much fun as it was. I am not a hard core runner but would seriously love to do this again. Check out this AMAZING video my cousin Padgett put together of our adventure!

ROCK ON TIBBY'S TRACKSTARS!!! (We have a lot more cousins to help run next year. We might have to have a Roy's Rockstars added to our team!:)

p.s. does anyone know how to make my video fit the screen? It is cutting off half the movie! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy or Fun?

I am heading down to So Cal with Kent and my family to run my first Ragnar next week. This is monumental in the fact that
a) it will be the first night away for Kent and I alone without the kids since the boys were born. Nothing like spending it with 10 other sweaty people for 24hours plus in 2 suburbans!:)
b) I haven't ran a race...or really ran since before the boys were born.
c) I will finally have a visual of what Kent really does!

Thanks Simmons/Morgan cousins who have agreed to this crazy adventure and make our team possible.

ROCK ON Tibby's Trackstars! ROCK ON!