Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I think I figured it out....I hope!

Oh Emma....I love you soooooo much but would you please just go to bed?

So I have had a problem the past few years with my oldest child. It is the problem of bedtime. It goes in waves of good and really, really bad. Like fighting 5 hours and putting a pillow over your head and trying to just survive. (Don't judge...all of you that have kids know you have been there!!!)

I think I have finally found the solution...I think! Let me start by explaining that we have tried everything with the exception of locking her in her room as Kent was very adamant that we would not do that. The solution came to me Sunday night while fighting yet again at around 10:30pm. I simply told her "Emma, I don't care where you sleep but from now on how ever long it takes for you to stay in your room and go to bed will be the amount of time you will stay in your room tomorrow."
So for instance on Monday had you come to our house you would have found Emma sitting in her room for 5 hours since she took 5 hours to go to bed the night before. Today she spent 1.5 hours in her room. Tomorrow will be 45 min. It is getting smaller each day and I have hope that tomorrow night will be less. I just wanted to blog about this as I feel like we have finally made a huge milestone with her. Let's hope I am not speaking too soon!!! Anyone else have bedtime problems with their kids? What do you do?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My most amazing babysitter

This afternoon Emma took it upon herself to entertain the boys. Also known as the "trap". Emma is either the best babysitter and big sister or the most unhelpful person around. This must be the curse of the oldest or of being 4. I am a novice parent so I haven't made up my mind just yet.

So she made a homemade baby gate since the boys have started crawling and this is what she came up with. Pretty ingenious really. The only thing she didn't factor in was Morgan and his desire to not be stopped at any cost. Seriously. He made it through all of the holes to emerge victorious on the other side. It was really a sight to see!

In other news...Claire got a cast on yesterday. The therapists and Dr decided that she needed to do some constraint therapy so they put a cast on her good arm to force the weak arm to work. I am once again amazed at the resilience and good nature of my 2nd daughter. She complained once when she got it on and then I haven't heard her complain since. She hasn't been able to feed herself, drink from a sippy cup or really do much of anything that she is used to. She also hasn't let on how hard this must be for her. I really am amazed! She even told me last night as I am not feeling great "mom, I hope you feel better tomorrow." Can I learn from her how to not complain?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Cousin's Giveaway!!!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 years ago...

This week marks a big milestone for our family. It was two years ago on Friday, February 12th that we found out about Claire. It was 2 years ago that our lives changed and that we entered a new world. It was 2 years ago that my love for my husband, little girl and faith grew to a new level. Amazing how much can happen in 2 years!
I don't know how many of you have had the missionary experience in your home. It is amazing how long those 2 years seem! I remember the 2 years Kent was on his mission in Switzerland and I was living in London. I remember walking along the streets and out of the blue thinking to myself "Kent is only an hour time difference from me but _____ months/years away." It really seemed like it lasted forever!!!

The past 2 years have at times seemed the same. There have been moments that seemed to last FOREVER and yet the days and weeks and progress flew by! Claire is a miracle! I know that I talk a lot about miracles but she truly is. When the Dr's told us that she might not ever walk and speak I didn't really know how to comprehend that. Now I am grateful I didn't really ever have to comprehend that. Claire is speaking like any other 3 year old and walking like a champ. She still has her moments of needing help that a 3 year old doesn't have and I am starting to have the "mom" moments where someone asks me whats wrong with her. The greatest thing I have learned from Claire though is that you need to be happy no matter what. Seriously. There is something very special about this little girl that just touches and melts hearts with everyone she meets. I love her soooo much and am grateful for her sweet spirit in our family and the lessons I learn from her daily. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with this sweet little angel! I feel honored to be her mom!!!