Friday, May 30, 2008

Dad's 72nd!

So today is my dad's 72nd birthday.  It is amazing because to me he will always be 50 and young and not in the 70's!  He threw a party this evening and invited all of his friends.  When I say all, I mean all 170!:)  At first I felt overwhelmed by the amount of people then I realized that dad is amazing.  What a great way to celebrate life. Not just the number of years you have been here on earth, but how many connections you have made.  The friends, family and loved ones who were there to support and honor my father was truly inspirational.  I can only hope that when I am 72 I can throw a party and have half as many people as dad had tonight.  So Happy birthday DAD I love you and thank you for all you have done for me and my family!!!!  I am so lucky to have you as my dad!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emma's new haircut

So Emma got a new haircut yesterday. She has been fighting me about doing her hair everyday for the past year and I have finally given up! So we went to the new children's salon in Bountiful, Cookie Cutters. They are AWESOME!!!! She sat still the entire time, got her hair washed in a fire truck and got to watch the Barbie movie while sitting in pink car. What more could you ask for? Me, I loved the fact that she now can brush her own hair and I don't have to fight this fight every day. At least until the next haircut is needed!

On another note, I couldn't help but take a picture of Claire today. She is blonde and I don't know what to do with a blonde so I found her old swimhat from last summer to go out to the park today. It was the only hat I have found that she will wear and since she needed something I figured that would work. She had a great time and didn't get burned!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are open for business!

Hi Everyone! So I have decided to join the fastlane and start a blog! I know, Crazy, but I feel like a bit of a sneak. So many months now checking out everyone else's blogs and lives and realizing how cool everyone else seems and how many interesting things people are doing. You have all made me want to join in hopes that our family will one day be interesing as well!:)

The reason we have called our blog Denbigh Road is because that is the road that Kent and I lived on our first year of marriage in London. Denbigh is in the burrough of Ealing which is a 10 min train ride away from London or a 45 min tube ride depending on the day:) We loved Ealing, and Denbigh and have decided that it would serve the purpose of having our blog name.

So to goes nothing!