Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little Blue...

These pictures were taken just after we got Pocket by our great friend Becki.

I am a bit sad and felt like I needed to write about it to just get it off my mind. Does anyone else do that? I am sure you all do it in a more private forum but me...why not just spill it out for the whole world to read?!

Here it goes...
Today I dropped the girls off to riding lessons at G. Simmons barn and went to run some errands. When I went back to pick them up and Mitchell (our incredible riding instructor and friend) told me that I needed to talk to Mike (the barn guru) about Pocket. For those of you who don't remember Pocket is our incredibly small and cute pony that we bought for Claire right after she was diagnosed. He has been a great therapy pony for us.

Anyway- it turns out that Pocket is really sick. We knew he had a small tumor on his nose the past couple of years and it has been not a big deal. Well over the weekend it grew really big and has made Pocket really sick. In short our small pony is going in for surgery on Friday. We don't know what the outcome will be and I am sad.

I tried to not cry but got teary eyed when I spoke to Mitchell about it again. I then told the girls about everything. Man! It was so sad! I told them that Pocket might not make it through the surgery and that we needed to be ready if that was the case. They handled it well for being 6 and 4. I think it is me who is really moved by this experience. I feel like this is one of those parenting moments that I can handle well or really screw up. I am not sure if I have done either just yet. All I know is that I am hoping that Heavenly Father heard the little girls prayers tonight when they both asked Him to help Pocket to be OK.
I hope he hears my prayers as well. To know how to handle this either way.

Man this parenting thing is tough!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Madsen Day 1

I promise he likes it! Really!!!:)

The kids this morning on our way to pick up Emma.

The bike! We will have to come up with a name or something!

So we went to the house last night and got the bike. The family we got it from ended up being some old harp students of mine and a family I LOVE!!! It is funny how we spoke to each other on the phone but didn't put 2 and 2 together until right before we pulled up. THANKS BENNETT FAMILY! IT IS AWESOME!!!

The kids had a great time taking rides around the park last night and this morning Claire asked me if we could take it today on our errands. I told her my legs might not make it to the bank today but maybe someday!:) Our goal today was to pick Emma up from school. I am not sure how far it is but maybe round trip just over a mile or something.

The bike really isn't bad when you get going and me being a total novice at bike riding I am enjoying the gears it has to offer. The only embarrassing thing that happened was when we were at the school picking up Emma today. As we were heading out a couple of kindergartners dodged out in front of us and we toppled over. It was pretty heavy with all the kids and I and needed help from some other moms but I guess if you are going to fall, fall big!:) Nothing like making a total spectacle of yourself in front of all the other moms. The good news is the Madsen totally took care of the kids and no one was hurt. The bad news was I was a bit shaken and had to bike them all home. We will be sure to watch out for those pesky curbs next time!:)

Day 1 of owning a bike that can haul all my kids in one go...SO MUCH FUN!