Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mack and Morgan are here!

Well, we are officially a family of 6! On Sunday night Mack and Morgan decided that they needed to make their appearance. I went in on Sunday with preterm labor thinking that they would just give me a shot to stop the contractions and then send me home but Mack decided that he and his brother needed to come. Actually Mack was not doing well inside so they did a C-section at 5pm. Mack was born at 5:03 and was 4lb 5 oz, 17 inches long. Morgan followed at 5:04 weighing in at 3lb 14 oz and 16.5 inches long. They worked on the boys for some time before the NICU Dr came and told Kent and me that they needed to life flight Mack to PMC. So after waiting for the transport team come they let me see him for about 2 min and then off he went to SLC. His little heart would not slow down to a normal heart rate and that is why he is there still. Morgan is doing great! We got to hold him last night and he is such a fuzzy little guy. Both boys are off ventilators and other than being preemies and of course little Mack's heart they are healthy.
In all we are doing well all things considered. I guess if I can put a little plea out to the blogging world for some prayers for our little guys especially Mack we would not turn you away! I will post some pictures as soon as I get home. Just thought I would let you know that they are here!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Emma's 4th Birthday

Last week was Emma's birthday and I am just now posting about it. I am not a great mom but since this is my form of journal keeping I feel the need to still celebrate her day by telling you what she decided we would do as well as her party on Saturday.

We decided that we would try and celebrate on her day by going to dinner just our family and that she could have a party another day. So she told us that she wanted to go to El Matador in Bountiful for her birthday dinner. Now I was very grateful that she didn't ask for McDonald's because she only wanted to El Matador for the rings. That is the rings that you pay 25 cents for in the machine by the door. She got 3 rings and Claire got 1!:) It was a great dinner and she opened her present which at her request was a sippy cup. Man, I got lucky this year, 25 cent rings and a sippy cup! I am not complaining!:)

Then on Saturday she had decided a few weeks ago that she would have a French Pink Poodle Party. What you might ask is that? Well, I don't really know because I have never been or heard of or seen a Pink Poodle Party. So we made it into a tea party with little finger sandwiches and cheese and crackers and apple juice. We also went fishing off the balcony and played the game poodle,poodle pup also known as duck duck goose. We finished the party by playing in the backyard. It was a great day and I was grateful for all the help I received from my mom, Kent's mom, sisters and friends. I also want to say how thankful I am to have a happy, healthy, unique individual. She is such a joy and keeps our life entertaining. Happy Birthday EMMA!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Twins Baby Shower

I am a bit late posting this even but I wanted to thank all my sisters and sisters in law for throwing me a fantastic family shower last Thursday. It was so much fun to sit around and talk and just hang out with the girls and eat such great food that I was sad to leave at the end of the night. Hannah and Liz organized it but everyone helped out! The food like I said was awesome, chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice. Hannah and my SIL Dree put together the cutest craft. They had plain white onesies and loads of cute fabric and stencils and people decorated and ironed on the fabric and stencils to the onesies. I got sooo many original onesies that are soooo cute! I was also given so many sweet outfits and diapers and wipes and essentials.

Thanks family for coming and for all the time and effort and energy! I felt soooo loved!:)