Thursday, January 28, 2010

My little problem...getting bigger everyday! ;)

Morgan right after he was born...3 lbs 14 oz

Me holding Morgan for one of the first times. He was was so little I couldn't believe it!

Mack and Morgan at 6 months. Morgan is on the right.

Morgan is our youngest child. I say youngest because he came out 30 seconds after Mack. It is not much but 30 seconds is 30 seconds.
I used to think that Morgan was going to be the runt of the family. So frail, fragile and weak. Boy was I wrong!!!
Morgan is our smallest child still but he is the most lively, quickest learner, and the dominant twin of the two. He has no problem stealing Mack's binky, toy, blanket whatever. He also has no problem rolling and crawling right over Mack. He is a tease to Emma all ready and makes her so frustrated sometimes. (like yesterday when she was throwing a tantrum and he just laughed!)
The thing about Morgan is he is so dang cute. I know I am biased as his mom but he is. He is going to get away with sooooo many things because he will just smile his little cheeky smile and look at me with his big brown eyes. What am I going to do?

I thought Emma was going to be my biggest challenge as a parent. I think this little guy is going to give her a run for her money!:)

Morgan crawling so much his shirt is falling off. He only army crawls but is VERY fast!

Morgan today after crawling right over Mack. Mack doesn't seem to mind.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Utah Suzuki Harp Institute-2010

As if life isn't crazy enough I have said "yes" to being in charge of institute again. What is institute you might ask? It is a week long camp for Suzuki students where they get to come together as fellow music students to learn and play and perform together! It is seriously some of the BEST memories I have as a child.

Every summer my mom, Hannah and I would load up the harps and head to wherever we were told Institute was. Some years is was Logan, then Ceder City, then St. George, then was even in Australia! We were serious about Institute in our family.
The days where I got to play with others who were as excited (I think?) as I was and friendships I made I will never forget. There was also the added bonus that it was the one week every year that I got to have just me and my mom with Hannah to myself. Those of you who grew up in a big family understand this. I loved being able to drive down together just the girls. Eat together and have my mom with me. Almost all to myself. I really cherish those moments.
So...that is why I said "yes" to do this again. I want to hopefully give the opportunity to a new generation of young harpists, Emma included, to make those memories with their moms/dads/grandmas or whoever attends with them.
If you want to check out what we have planned check out the AMAZING website my friend and neighbor put together.
Adam and Becki- you guys are the best to do this for me and fellow harpists. Thanks for taking the time out of your lives to put the website together. I OWE YOU BIG TIME!!!!!