Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend trip to S.F.

Kent and I went to San Francisco last weekend for our last "hurrah!" before the twins come and no babysitter will want to answer our phone calls.:)

Thanks to Hannah and Toby who watched the girls, Kent and I left Thursday morning and came back Sunday evening. It was so fun so be in San Francisco with Kent. He had never been and as I had only ever been with my sisters I had never really made it out of Union Square and the surrounding shopping areas!:)

The weather was beautiful and we had a great time riding the cable cars (a first for both of us!), walking down the warf and eating the best food we have had in a long time! To tell you the truth the days were centered around the food, not the activities!

The first night we ate at Scoma's which was a fantastic seafood restaurant on the warf. Kent is not a seafood person but his beef was the best he has ever had! The atmosphere was great and so relaxing! After I took the advice from a friend, (Becky A) to head on over to Ghiradelli's (sp?) for ice cream. Kent loved seeing the old chocolate machinery and to be honest I have never noticed them since I was enjoying the ice cream!

The other fun thing we did that weekend was Alcatraz. I had never been there and the weather was beautiful so we decided to take the boat out and have the audio tour. How interesting! I think this is something that you need to see once in your life. I don't know if I would do it again but it was very fun with not too many crowds and beautiful clear skies.

In all I enjoyed sleeping in, eating (did I mention that all ready?) and getting to see 2 movies. They weren't very good so I won't tell you what they were but the 2 movies in one weekend was awesome!:)

Thanks Kent for a great weekend and thanks Han and Toby for making it all happen! Hopefully we will get to do this again sometime in the next 5 years!:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dr.'s "Mistake"

Hello 2009! So it has only been what...6 days of 2009 and all ready we have our first big surprise. What gives?

We went to the Dr. today for the 21 week appointment and the boy and girl we were having have now turned into the 2 BOYS! Yes, I am freaking out just tiny bit as I have not had the experience of having a Boy let alone 2 but am thrilled that they are healthy and happy (I think:) anyway).

I need your help! We couldn't even come up with one boy name and we need two now so please bloggers, family and friends. HELP! We need ideas!

Hope your 2009 is starting out as well as ours is!:)