Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long day of therapy

This past summer has been the craziest summer since I can remember! Besides Kent starting his business, my students and the girls lessons we had harp institute (which I was in charge of), high school reunion-10 year (I also helped with that one), 9 days in Wisconsin for Suzuki teacher training, a weekend with the girls and my family in Portland, Oregon and then the next weekend in Camden, Maine with Kent for my cousin's wedding. CRAZY!

We survived (barley) and now are getting back to a routine of lessons, therapy and preschool next week.

Yesterday was our consultation for the hippotherapy program at the National Ability Center in Park City. We have been on their waiting list since March and were so thrilled when they called a week or two ago with the news that they had a spot for us! So Claire and I headed up to check it out and is was fantastic. Kim, the therapist was so sweet and energetic that you couldn't help but be convinced that you were in the right place. Claire rode a Norwegian Fjord named Rebekah and only cried when they had her riding backwards. Let's be honest though, who wouldn't be scared to ride a horse backwards?!

Then we came home and had a short nap before we headed off to physical therapy with Lisa. Claire did a great job and is really close to walking I think. I am posting the picture of her after a long day of therapy with her big gulp. What baby doesn't need a big gulp?:)

Emma on the other hand spent the day with our amazing babysitter Danielle. She has been the lifesaver for our family this summer. She took Emma to her house to play then took her to the movies. They had a lot of fun and it was so nice to know that Emma was getting a fun day out with Danielle. We will miss her as this is her last week and she is heading back to college.

I don't know about you but I am really liking the school starting, and the craziness of summer over. Someone remind me to "just say no" so next summer isn't the same!:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

So I just got tagged by my friend Jamie Doggett! Thanks for including me Jamie.:) Here my answers as of today.

1. My greatest joy is my family. I have been really blessed with a patient and supportive husband and two amazing little girls. They all keep me balanced and in check of reality. I am lucky I have this! I am also extremely blessed to have a wonderful extended family on both sides that I learning from and leaning on in my times of need.
2. The gospel. I have times in my life where I think I totally get how important it is to me but then I seem to go on "cruise control" and get things thrown at me that keep me realizing how important this is to me and how much joy it can give me.
3. Harps! This is a joy as well as an obsession for me. My family can attest to this fact. I love the harp! I love playing it, teaching it, talking about it and really almost anything to do with it. Once in awhile, (like this summer) I get a little bit too much harp but for the most part I am pretty much obsessed with it knowing that it brings me so much joy!

1. My greatest fear is that Kent will die before me and then I have to figure out life as a single parent.
2. My other fears are that something will happen to my kids.
3. Mice. This is seriously a fear of mine. If you ever see me with any type of rodent I will freeze up like a statue and it will take me at lest 5 min before I thaw out.

1. The Twilight series. I LOVE these books. I know these books bring on a strong feeling either for or against, but I haven't been able to put these books down for the last couple of years. I have forgotten how many times I have read each book. Simply put, I love these books. (Probably the escape of reality once in awhile!:))
2. Harps. See above paragraph about my joy and obsession on harps.
3. Candy. I love candy so much. If you come to my house it is like Willy Wonka's. I can't help it. My mom didn't buy it as a kid and I think it is my way of rebeling.

1. I like my friend Jamie am pretty much an open book so most people know everything about me. I think one surprising fact might be that in my first year of music school in London, I almost went and got a tatoo. I know that most of you think I am bluffing, but I am quite serious. I was going to have a butterfly put on my right foot. I know, not original but it was my idea of rebelling. I opted instead to get my haircut all off which was not a good look for me and took me the other 3 years of school to grow out.
2. Some of you may know this but most may not. When I was 14 years old I performed a concerto in the Sydney Opera House in Sydney. It was so amazing and a good thing that I was to young to get really nervous.
3. The only other thing I can think of involves Kent and I am not sure he would want me to post it. If you have to know, call me and I will tell you what it is!

I knew Jamie when we were both single in Britannia Ward in London. She was one of the most friendly and happy people I ever met. She is also a loyal friend who is a very straight talker. A good person to have on your side!:)

1. Sarah
2. Padgett
3. Dree
4. Elizabeth
5. Jorgs