Sunday, January 6, 2013

New for 2013

OK so 2012 never happened. Strike did happen I just never posted once in 2012 so in a few years we will think it never happened. I resolve to post at least once in 2013. And here it is... :) A little update. 2012 brought on a new house, new pets(llamas), new job (Kent) and new schools. That is it in a nutshell. 2013 brings on a new frontier for our family. We just finished a small remodel project (big to us but small to our construction crew). Kent is leaving for Orlando on Tuesday for his first Color Run for the 2013 year. Emma still hasn't gotten the hang of going to bed or waking up with a smile on her face. (That hasn't changed so that is not new for 2013!) Claire just got done with cast therapy for her leg and it has made a huge difference. She is finally walking with her heel touching the ground. Mack and Morgan are potty trained (hallelujah!!!) and loving pre school. Oh and we are expecting a little boy in June. Yes 2013 will be a big year for our family. 2012 was great and we feel very blessed. We hope and pray 2013 will be equal. (See at least one post this year. Check this off my list of resolutions! :) )